When using DANFOSS high temperature steam solenoid valve products, you also need to pay attention to the installation of solenoid valves and working environment conditions: temperature, pressure and so on. Maintenance during normal use is also important to ensure proper operation of the steam solenoid valve product.

(1) Before installation, carefully read the instruction manual of this product to check whether the installed product fully meets the requirements for use. It is recommended to use a unit to assign someone to take care of the maintenance.

(2) Pipes and accessories must be thoroughly flushed before installation in order to completely remove impurities such as metal scraping, residual raw material tape and rust in the pipe. For non-cleaning media, install a filter in front of the valve.

(3) Prevent steam condensate, impurities, etc. from being deposited in the valve during installation. Be careful not to install the valve at the lowest point of the pipe to avoid affecting the action.

(4) In order to ensure that the DANFOSS solenoid valve is put into normal use, it is necessary to pass the medium test operation several times after installation to be officially used.

(5) When working, pay attention to the working pressure before and after the valve. The maximum working pressure should not exceed the nominal pressure. When the minimum working pressure difference is required, the working pressure difference of the pipeline must also be greater than the minimum pressure difference to prevent the solenoid valve from malfunctioning. When the working pressure exceeds the nominal pressure or the maximum working pressure, the system should stop using or reduce the working pressure.

(6) The dirt in the valve should be cleaned regularly during normal maintenance. For example, between the mating surface of the screw cap and the valve plug, the static iron core and the moving iron core suction surface, be careful not to damage the sealing surface.

(7) When the DANFOSS high temperature solenoid valve medium is heat transfer oil, when removing from the pipeline, the valve trim is cleaned with CCL4 and stored with compressed air. When removing and washing, the parts should be placed in order and then restored to their original condition.

(8) The DANFOSS high-temperature solenoid valve should be cleaned of steam condensate and gas every time it is re-enabled. Try again several times and wait until the action is normal before putting it into use. When the heat transfer oil solenoid valve is deactivated for a long time, the front and rear manual valves should be closed.